The Stakeholders Group was established in early 2012.  This group focuses on innovative strategies and best practices for systems improvement for competitive employment by youth and young adults with DD/ID. The group provides knowledge and awareness to MSPE through periodic information sessions. The Stakeholders Group also assists in carrying out activities such as training, where their expertise and personal experiences are invaluable.

Meetings are completed on a quarterly basis at locations across the state.  Membership includes the following:  self-advocates, youth leaders, parents, other family members, LIFE Of Mississippi, Mississippi Department of Employment Security, Mississippi Society for Disability Client Assistance Program, Mississippi Bureau of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Marc Gold & Associates/Employment for All, Arc of Mississippi, Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services, Mississippi Department of Education, Mississippi Parent Training and Information Center, The University of Mississippi Student Disability Services, The Institute for Disability Studies, Disabiltiy Rights Mississippi, and the Mississippi Council on Developmental Disabilities.

For more information on the MSPE Stakeholders Group, contact

Dr. Jerry R. Alliston
Project Manager & Transition/Training Specialist
Institute for Disability Studies
The University of Southern Mississippi
Office:  601.266.5163

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